Thursday, March 31, 2011

Triple Eight

Triple Eight is a protective gear company offering the highest quality craftsmanship, unique style and innovation that continues to push the limits of the action sports industry. Their products are designed for a variety of sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, inline skating, roller derby, wake boarding, BMX and mountain biking. This New York based company represents all that the Big Apple embodies; authenticity, purity and soul. Triple Eight has successfully manufactured products that display these core qualities for over ten years. They will keep you safe and protected from head to toe with affordable, reliable products. 

The Triple Eight Brainsaver Glossy Helmet With Standard Liner is a favorite of athletes and has been a leader in the action sports industry since 1994. With its top-rated multi-impact design, this helmet is ideal for skateboarding, long boarding, inline skating and roller derby use.

The Triple Eight EP55 Elbow Pads are top-rated elbow pads that offer the best in protection for skateboarders and roller derby players. The Triple Eight EP55 elbow pads have comfortable padding for use in skate parks and on the streets, designed for anyone that wants to wear the best and most durable elbow pads on the market. Ideal for skateboarding, long boarding, inline skating and roller derby. 

The Triple Eight Bumsaver II Padded Shorts are the ultimate in protection. Wear them for any of the action sports that you love; snowboarding, skiing, long boarding, skating, bmx, or roller derby. These top-rated padded shorts are light enough to wear under your pants and shorts and with the breathable formfitting fabric and mesh design, offer great flexibility and comfort.  

Whether you are the veteran pro, the aspiring amateur or a first timer, Triple Eight has you protected.