Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here are some excerpts from the article done by SI about Pearce and his "frends":
Last June, Kevin Pearce (SI, Dec. 7, 2009) sat cross-legged on the backside of California's Mammoth Mountain, sounding like a pioneer. The 22-year-old Vermonter, a rising star in the sport, had invited a handful of his snowboarding friends to train with him. (They call themselves Frends-the absent i denoting selflessness.) With Pearce, Danny Davis and Luke Mitrani dialing in an assortment of double-corked moves, there was a sense of euphoria in the air. Pearce marveled at how quickly he and his Frends had gone from "just thinking about the tricks to actually taking it to the wall."
That progression was slowed last Thursday. In the process of landing a cab double cork-a trick he's nailed before-Pearce caught his toe-side edge, slamming headfirst into the wall of the half pipe at Park City, Utah. Pearce, who was wearing a helmet, suffered a serious head injury; as of Monday he was in critical but stable condition at the University of Utah Hospital. "Kevin sustained a severe traumatic brain injury," said one of his doctors, Holly Ledyard." [He] has a long recovery ahead of him." (SI Jan. 2010, Austin Murphy)
Luckily Kevin was smart enough to wear a helmet. A perfect example of how we push the limits of our sports safely.
Stay strong and get well soon Kevin.
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